Hamid Krim


Hamid Krim


Hamid Krim received his BSc. MSc. and Ph.D. in ECE. He was a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs, where he has conducted research and development in the areas of telephony and digital communication systems/subsystems. Following an NSF postdoctoral fellowship at Foreign Centers of Excellence, LSS/University of Orsay, Paris, France, he joined the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (MIT), Cambridge, MA as a Research Scientist and where he was performing and supervising research. He received a NSF Research Young Investigator Career Award.

He is presently Professor of Electrical Engineering in the ECE Department, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, leading the Vision, Information and Statistical Signal Theories and Applications group. His research interests are in statistical Data Science/Machine Learning and mathematical modeling with a keen emphasis on applied problems in inference using geometric and topological tools. He has served on the SP society Editorial Board for several journals and on TCs, and was a SP Distinguished Lecturer for 2015-2016. He has led several DOD, DOE, NSF and IBM projects.

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