Hamid Krim


Hamid Krim


Signal Processing

Statistical Estimation and Detection

Data Representation and Denoising

Graph and Topological Data Analysis

Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Geometric Methods in Vision

Multiscale/Hierarchical Modeling

Stochastic Analysis in Vision

Machine Learning and AI

Subspace Learning and Nonlinear Modeling

Adversarial Learning and Next Generation Learning

Multi-Modal Sensing and Fusion


VISSTA Mission Statement

Combining our best effort with our best skills to contribute to the well being of all on earth, and to work for a safe environment to protect us from ourselves.

Research focus

Our Research Laboratory focuses on applied problems in Data Science with vision/imaging as primary applications, as well as Smart Sensing and Intelligent Learning and Exploitation. Our formal approach to problems is motivated by our focus on fundamentals rather than “symptoms”. Much of our research is rooted in Analysis, Geometry, Topology and Probability/Statistics with inspiration from Biology and Philosophy.

Last news

Dr. H. Krim is back on a full-time basis (starting Sept. 1, 2022) on campus following his Research Program Management position at Army Research Office (US Dept. of Defense).

Research mission